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  • Grip Deflow 2 PIECE
    Grip Deflow 2 PIECE

    Soft and safe. The 2 piece traction pad will give a rest to your back foot, combining smooth surface with wrinkled foamy cubes for extra grip. 50° 25mm tall tail kick adds extra control.

    40,00 €
  • Grip Deflow 3 PIECE
    Grip Deflow 3 PIECE

    Keep your feet in place. The 3 piece traction pad combines smooth surface with 5mm central arch to keep your feet in place. 50° 30mm tall tail kick adds extra control. Lateral pieces merge smooth surface with lined pattern for more grip in both heels and toes.

    40,00 €
  • Grip Deflow 5 PIECE
    Grip Deflow 5 PIECE

    Make it wide. The 5 piece traction pad is made for wider boards. Smooth surface in the middle, cube surface in the sides, perfect match of soft and grip. 50° 30mm tall tail kick adds extra control.

    40,00 €

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