Shapers Pivot 10,25"


La quilla Pivot 10.25” se basa en las quillas tradicionales para noseridear.

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The 10.25" Pivot template is based on traditional noseridering fins, but with a modern flare. The Heritage has a full outline with an upright based and a hooked tip. This provides ability for pivotal turns, flow arc and deep bottom turns. The raked full tip gives an amazing carvability and keeps the tail in the water while you are on the nose. • Measurement: : Base 223.5 mm | (8.8”) x 237 mm Depth |(9.33”) • System: FCS • Colour: Tinted fibreglass

Shapers Australia


Shapers Surf is an Australian owned surf company that is at the very grassroots of the surf industry. For over 25 years Shapers has been arming surfboard manufacturers at home and around the globe with the tools, materials and new-age composites to make the highest level of performance surfboards possible.

Shapers Surf is a product of a partnership with surfboard manufacturers and professional surfers around the world. Shapers is dedicated to helping the surf hardware industry progress with the continued research and development of products that are functional, performance based and relevant to all surfers, in all conditions.

Data sheet

Name Pivot 10,25"
Brand Shapers
Season 2018
Fins Configuration Single Fins
Type of product Fins
Available Colours Verde
Fins Size 10,25"
Number of Fins 1
Weight 60-80 KG
Type of Fins Box Fins
Type of Surfboard Longboards
Fin System US Box
Delivery Time 24-48 hours
Drive 10
Flex 5
Release 5
Pivot 7
Fin Material Fibra de vidrio
Surfing Style Performance