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Grip Channel Islands 50/50 Flat Black

Grip Channel Islands 50/50 Flat black colour

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€33.06 (tax incl.)

Grip Channel Islands 50/50 Flat

Grip Channel Islands designed to improve the feeling of movement from back to front and not side to side.

  • Extra fine 2.5mm thick Grip. Kick Tail medium 28mm.
  • Traction with surface of traction in rhombuses. Mixed Groove flat pad technology that combines one of our best-selling silhouettes with mixed slot technology. Mixed groove technology combines the classic diamond groove with vertical grooves in front-to-back traction. This creates more side-to-side traction without disrupting the forward to back foot movement.
  • Dimensions: 30cm long x 30cm wide top x 18cm wide bottom approx.
  • 3 pieces.
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Check with us for Al Merrick surfboards in stock for 24-48 hours delivery. Check with the Singlequiver team for any extra customization.

When ordering your custom board, be sure to check the delivery time with us (info@singlequiver.com). Time may vary depending on the technology chosen.

Please contact us for more information.

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When ordering your custom board make sure you double check the delivery time with us (info@singlequiver.com). The time may vary depending on your definite chosen style.

Please contact us for more information.

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